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Making a Melon Ball Cocktail

Easter is around the corner and if you plan on entertaining, here’s a delicious cocktail that can appeal to all your guests. The Melon Ball Cocktail is simple enough for even amateur “bartenders” to attempt but it’s also perfect for

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Making a Cocktail in 90seconds, Mid-air

Watch these flair bartenders as they give new meaning to the phrase “extreme bar-tending”. Let’s see how exactly one makes a cocktail while jumping out of a plane at thousands of feet.

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How To Eliminate Waste At The Bar

Is waste a growing concern at your bar or restaurant? Then you should watch this video with some clever cocktail ingredients to help you cut back on waste and save money.  

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Amazing Bartending Tricks

If you love watching your local bartending showing off some flair bartending skills, you’ll love this video of a master bartender pouring 17 Jagerbombs simultaneously. Warning, don’t try this at home.

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Vegas Flair Bartender Video

Las Vegas is known for being larger than life in every way- this flair bartender at a Las Vegas bar is definitely over the top. Would you try these tricks at home?  

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Bartending Competition Throws Contestants with Ingredient Curveball

Move over Masterchef, The GQ America’s Bartender Competition is growing in popularity. The competition is held in Las Vegas and throws contestants unexpected curveballs with compulsory ingredients such as cauliflower and sweet potato. See how they do…  

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Make A Cocktail with America’s Best Bartender

Watch this video to learn how to make a “Monarchy”. The imaginative cocktail is the brain child of America’s “best” bartender.  

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The Fortnightly Hospitality News Wrap-Up: Need To Shake Up Your Bartending – We Have The Recipe

We’ve just come across this great bartending blog – One Martini At A Time, which offers regular new recipes for cocktails, which you can try out and impress your customers! Not a bad way to keep the tips coming in.

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