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Try an Unusual Seafood Cocktail

In San Diego there’s a new type of seafood cocktail on the menu, a Sea Urchin cocktail. For those looking for something different and unique to serve, this is it. Watch this video as sea urchin is found and made

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Tips for Hiring Hospitality Staff

In the hospitality industry hiring good employees can be particularly challenging, especially employees that you want to stay long term. Finding the best staff can be broken down into 3 steps, according to recruitment specialists Frontline Hospitality  in an article

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Learn to Safely Flame an Orange Peel

Bartenders, in the quest to impress we must make sure we put safety first. That is why flaming anything should done with caution and only once you’re sure you know what you’re doing. In this video you can learn the

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Learn to Make Ice Balls in Under a Minute

Ice cubes are so boring, why not impress your customers with ice balls? Watch this video to learn how in just one minute.  

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Beer Pouring Tips

Beer drinkers take their beer very seriously, so you wouldn’t want to be the one to spoil it for them. Watch this video to get some good pointers on pouring beer correctly  

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Registrations Open for U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year

Registrations have opened for the Leukaemia Foundation’s U.G.L.Y. (‘Understanding. Generous. Likeable. You’) Bartender of the Year campaign for 2015, currently running its seventh year. The campaign raised $6 million over the past six years and venues that want to take part

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Bartending Competition Throws Contestants with Ingredient Curveball

Move over Masterchef, The GQ America’s Bartender Competition is growing in popularity. The competition is held in Las Vegas and throws contestants unexpected curveballs with compulsory ingredients such as cauliflower and sweet potato. See how they do…  

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Make A Cocktail with America’s Best Bartender

Watch this video to learn how to make a “Monarchy”. The imaginative cocktail is the brain child of America’s “best” bartender.  

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Bartender Breaks World Cocktail Record

The record for the world’s most expensive cocktail is now held by Crown Melbourne’s Club 23 and was set by bartender Joel Heffernan after he stirred up a concoction worth $12,500 and was made using 155 year old cognac, dating

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The Fortnightly Hospitality News Wrap-Up: How can you be a better bartender?

Why is it that certain people can make lucrative careers bartending, while for others it’s just a temporary way to make ends meet? It’s probably because some bartenders have learn what it takes to be exceptional. With many new people

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