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The Best Pouring Methods for Beginner Bartenders

Beginner bartenders, here’s a useful video to help you develop your pouring skills. Whether you’re just a bartender at home for your family and friends, or whether it’s your job, a good pouring technique is important. In this video you’ll

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Awesome Bartender Pouring Techniques

Here are 13 awesome pouring techniques for bartenders to make you look cool. Whether you’re pouring for a living, looking to increase those tips or simply hosting a cocktail party, here’s how to pour with style.

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The Essentials That Every Bar Needs

You don’t need to break the bank stocking your home bar, just start with the basics. In this video you’ll learn what you need to successfully stock your bar. You’ll be making delicious cocktails in no time.

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The Best Cocktail for Your Star Sign

Do you believe your star sign has an impact on your personality and preferences? Then you’ll love this post on which matches your personality to your most compatible cocktail. Aquarius – Rose margarita Aries – Mulled wine Virgo –

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Latest Flair Bartending Tricks

Flair bartending is an art that takes time to perfect. If you’ve ever tried any of these tricks you can appreciate the time and practice that must have gone into this guy’s routine.

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Learn to Make a Boulevardier

If you like whisky and vermouth, then you’ll love the Boulevardier. Similar to a Negroni the only difference in this cocktail is that it uses bourbon or rye whisky instead of gin. Best enjoyed on the rocks, let’s see how

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Making a Cocktail in 90seconds, Mid-air

Watch these flair bartenders as they give new meaning to the phrase “extreme bar-tending”. Let’s see how exactly one makes a cocktail while jumping out of a plane at thousands of feet.

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What Are Bitters Used for in Cocktail Making?

If you’ve just taken up bartending or mixology, or considering learning here’s a good place to start. As a lay person I’ve always wondered what exactly the purpose of bitters was in a cocktail, this video explains that and more.

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Learn To Make A Classy Cocktail

If you’re looking to add some classy cocktails to your repertoire, this video is for you. From Elle magazine, this chic cocktail is definitely one for the ladies.

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Video Reveals Trick to Pouring Shots

This is such a cool trick for bartenders or anyone looking to impress their friends – pouring rainbow shots. I’ve always wondered how this was done and now I know. Watch the video to learn too.

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