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What to Stock in Your Home Bar

Making great cocktails starts with having all the right ‘tools’ and ‘materials’ for the job. But with all the variety out there, deciding on what to buy to start with can be daunting. Here’s a good video to give you

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Venues Investigated for Suspected Supply of Alcohol to Minors

A bar in Clifton in Queensland is facing fines of up to $10,000 under the Liquor Licensing Act after allegedly providing an underage boy with alcohol. Police received tip-offs that the Clifton establishment was supplying alcohol to minors and increased

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The Perfect Bar for Harry Potter Lovers

There’s a bar in New York City that’s a real hit with the Harry Potter fans serving magical concoctions. If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, look no further.

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How To Knock Back A Boilermaker

A Boilermaker, (the combination of beer and shot whisky) has had a reputation of being a manly drink but now there’s a new appreciation for this 2 part drink and a new way to drink it. Here’s a more sophisticated

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Advice for Bartenders Working Busy Shifts

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to brush up your skills, here’s a useful video for bartenders working busy shifts or working in a busy bar for the first time. Here’s a Bartending 101 video you may find useful.

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Awesome Bartender Pouring Techniques

Here are 13 awesome pouring techniques for bartenders to make you look cool. Whether you’re pouring for a living, looking to increase those tips or simply hosting a cocktail party, here’s how to pour with style.

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The Essentials That Every Bar Needs

You don’t need to break the bank stocking your home bar, just start with the basics. In this video you’ll learn what you need to successfully stock your bar. You’ll be making delicious cocktails in no time.

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Make The Easiest Cocktail from The Movie Cocktail

If you loved the classic Tom Cruise movie that made being a bartender cool “Cocktail”, then why not recreate the Cuba Libre cocktail from the movie. Your movies may not be as smooth as Cruise’s but you can still make

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Melbourne Bar Named Best Internationally

An Australian bar, Melbourne’s Black Pearl has won big at the 2017 Spirited Awards, held in New Orleans recently. The Black Pearl won the Best International Cocktail Bar award, just ahead of its 15th birthday next month. The bar also

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What You’ll Need for That Home Bar

If you’ve always wanted to start a home bar, here are a few of the basic equipment that you’ll need to get started, other than your serving glasses and actual alcohol. This will really help if you want to make

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