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Why Yeast Can Impart 500 Flavours to Beer

Yeast is a crucial part of the wine-making, baking and even beer-making process since ancient times. Various strains of yeast have their own characteristics and impart varying flavours. According to Lisa White, co-owner of White Labs, yeast is a miraculous

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Is There a Beer Shortage in Europe?

The World Cup may be over but the beer shortage which was originally reported during the games is still going on. While there are enough hops and barley in Europe, brewers are running short of carbon dioxide – the  gas

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World’s Most Expensive Cities for Alcohol

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai you’d be interested to know that you’ll likely be forking out a staggering $15.10 for a beer on average – it is the most expensive place in the world to buy beer. The

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Reasons Beer Could be Good for You

We’ve heard many studies claiming the benefits of wine for your health but little has been spoken about the benefits of beer for your health. A recent article on detailed 6 of the greatest benefits of beer consumption for

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Budweiser Introduces Beer Made with George Washingtons Personal Recipe

George Washington made his own beer recipe which he wrote about in his personal military journal from 1757 during the French Indian War. Now the recipe is serving as the inspiration for Budweiser with its latest Freedom Reserve Red Lager.

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An Unconventional Bouquet for Beer Lovers

If you know someone who loves beer, craft beer in particular, here’s the perfect gift for them. Brequets is a Sydney based company delivering gifts to craft beer lovers. The “brewquet” comes with 3 craft beers wrapped in tissue paper

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Science Confirms Beer is Good for You

The Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Pozzilli, Italy recently found that beer can actually be beneficial to our health, due to the alcohol and some other chemicals. The review, took into consideration more than 150 studies, coming to the conclusion that

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Nifty New Gadget to Enjoy your Beer More

Part of enjoying a beer is savouring the smell as well as the taste. Now there’s a way to enjoy the smell…and taste of your beer more – its called the HopBlast. HopBlast is a gadget designed to maximize the smell

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