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Video Highlights Serious Consequences of Binge Drinking

The serious consequences that can result from binge drinking are highlighted in this video from a popular American medical TV Show. Alcohol servers should recognise the importance of serving alcohol responsibly and discouraging binge drinking among customers.  

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What Jobs Make You Crave a Stiff Drink?

Have you noticed how people in some careers tend to drink more than others? Which jobs make people want to down a stiff drink or two at the end of the day? According to a survey conducted in The United

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Tasmanians Warned about Excessive Drinking

The Tasmanian Coroner has issued a warning to drinkers about the importance of safe, moderate alcohol consumption following the deaths of four men. The four men, all in their fifties died between 2013 and 2014 after drinking a large quantity of alcohol

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Best Drinks to Avoid a Hangover

We all love to relax and unwind with a glass or two of our favourite tipple, but nobody looks forward to the hangover the next day. Why is it that sometimes we suffer from a hangover and other times we

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Price to Pay for a Night of Fun

A night of fun turned ugly for a Gundagai woman who chose to over indulge in alcohol before getting behind the wheel of her Holden Vectra a few nights ago. According to reports the woman was driving recklessly and endangering

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Shape of Glass May Affect Rate of Consumption

Source : Illusive Photography According to a University of Bristol report the shape of the glass used to consume alcohol may influence how rapidly we drink. This may explain why certain drinks make us more drunk (because of the glass

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