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Alcohol May be Causing You to Gain Weight

If you’ve been experiencing some weight gain recently, it may have more to do what you’re drinking than what you’re eating. Have you considered the amount of calories in the drinks you’re consuming? According to an article on if

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Here’s How to Avoid Getting Too Drunk

Knowing when to stop and drinking responsibly and in moderation are the signs of a mature drinker. Getting drunk may seem cool when you’re young but you soon realise the impact on your health, weight, skin and overall wellbeing of

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Is Alcohol Making You Age?

There’s some bad news for those of you who drink heavily, scientists have found that the more people drink, the more their cells age. Not only is this bad news for the way you look, it could also explain why

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Is it Possible to Drink Less but Enjoy it More?

Although many people may be giving up alcohol for Dry July or trying to have more dry days in their week, neuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates, a researcher with the University of NSW and author of A Brain for Life, says

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Alcoholic Pizza Taste Test

It seems you can get an alcoholic version of just about anything these days but that doesn’t mean it tastes good. Here we watch as people taste test alcoholic pizza for the first time. Let’s see what happens?

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Drinking Alone? Read this first.

If you plan on drinking alone, you shouldn’t feel guilty or depressed, as we’ve been made to believe. I’ve recently read an article about how to drink alone and not feel down, as long as you’re in a good head

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People Try Alcoholic Boba For The First Time

Having originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and spreading to Southeast Asia, Boba or Bubble Tea has become popular around the world. The latest Boba trend is alcoholic boba and the people in this video are trying it for the

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Irish People Taste Test Non-Alcoholic Alcohol

Can you tell the difference between alcoholic and non-alcohol beers, cocktails, ciders and other beverages. Most of these Irish drinkers sure can. Let’s watch and see,

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Alcoholic Pizza? Hit or Miss?

Pizza is at the top of most people’s list of favourite food, so for drinkers alcoholic pizza should in theory be a hit. So why do these people find it so difficult to swallow? Let’s watch the video and find

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Try These Awesome Alcoholic Popsicles

Popsicles aren’t just for kids, in fact these boozy Prosecco popsicles are perfect for those adult parties. As we move into Spring, you’re definitely going to want to try this recipe, whether for a party or a BBQ it is

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