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Study Claims An Alcohol Tax Will Help Curb Obesity

According to a study released by Deakin University in Melbourne recently, taxing all alcohol at 84c per standard drink would be the most effective way to reduce obesity in Australia. The new study shows that increasing the alcohol prices is

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Physicians Want to Tax Cheap Alcohol Out of the Market

According to a post on the Royal Australasian  College Physicians Congress 2016 will see physicians from over 30 medical specialities hold more than 100 sessions, workshops and presentations. The physicians will also call on all political parties to drastically

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Experts Call for Alcohol Taxes and Early Closing Hours to Curb Irresponsible Drinking

I recently came across an article on which discussed the idea of implementing alcohol taxes and earlier club closing hours in order to curb the scourge of alcohol fuelled harm affecting the public at large. According to experts and

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