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Video Highlights Serious Consequences of Binge Drinking

The serious consequences that can result from binge drinking are highlighted in this video from a popular American medical TV Show. Alcohol servers should recognise the importance of serving alcohol responsibly and discouraging binge drinking among customers.  

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New Bar where Patrons Serve Themselves

Australia’s first self-service bar where customers can pull the beers themselves straight from the tap is going to be launched at Mooloolaba. The owner Steven Barber has predicted that the idea would be a success with patrons eager to serve

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NSW warned to Change Alcohol Habits

The public in NSW have been urged by both the state premier and police commissioner to change their ways and culture of binge drinking after hundreds of arrests linked to alcohol fuelled violence during Operation Unite recently. The national blitz

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Surgeons Support Lockout

Reconstructive surgeons are the latest to lend their support to new late night code of practice for pubs and clubs in Adelaide. Reconstructive surgeon Dr YugeshCaplash supports the new code because he is confronted with the ugly face of late

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Thomas Kelly’s parents urge premier to act on alcohol-fuelled violence

The parents of slain teenager Thomas Kelly who fell victim to alcohol fuelled violence in the notorious Kings Cross District have urged the premier to act to end this scourge. Thomas’s parents were disappointed and grief-stricken when their son’s killer

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Research Shows Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol more Risky than Previously Thought

Research has recently emerged which shows that mixing alcohol with energy drinks could be riskier than previously thought. According to a leading psychologist, Associate Professor Peter Miller from Deakin University, the actual risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks, as

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Driving under the influence facts and stats

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NSW Bureau of Statistics show Reduction in Violence

Some very encouraging figures have been released by the NSW Bureau of Statistics, Crime and Research (BOCSAR) which indicate that licenced venues in NSW have experienced a significant decrease in assaults and violent incidents, progress which the industry have attributed

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Parents of Slain Teenager Plead for Action against Alcohol Violence

Who can forget the horrific tragedy that occurred in Kings Cross over a year ago which resulted in the death of teenager Thomas Kelly? Now Thomas’ parents are pleading with the government to take action against alcohol fuelled violence. According

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Alcohol tops the list for call-outs of Ambulances in Vic

For Victorian emergency personnel the most common cause of call-outs for them is alcohol induced incidents. According to a report into Vic ambulance call outs drugs and alcohol are the greatest cause for emergency treatment. Drugs in particular are becoming

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