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Signs You’re Becoming Dependent on Alcohol

An informative article on recently highlighted some of the signs that you should look out to determine whether you or someone around you is becoming dependent on alcohol. 1. You drink alone and sneak a drink. 2. You need

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Alcohol, Chocolate, Nicotine and Social Media- You Can Get Addicted

According to researchers who followed the online habits of 200 people, social media may be an addiction like alcohol addiction or nicotine addiction. In fact researchers from Vrije University in Amsterdam found that Facebook’s logo triggered spontaneous pleasurable reactions in

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Addictions May be Genetic, Leading Scientists Claims

New insight into alcohol and drug addiction has been presented by a geneticist who claims that these addictions may be hereditary. Due to a novelty seeking gene called DRD4, certain people may be prone to more risk taking behaviour and

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Learn How Alcohol Affects the Body

Part of serving alcohol responsibly means understanding how alcohol affects the human body and the consequences of excessive consumption. About 20 percent of the alcohol we consume is absorbed through the stomach and 80 per cent through the small intestine.

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Excessive Holiday Drinking, Can it lead to Post-drinking Depression?

According to experts people who suffer from alcohol addiction or dependence most often also suffer with at least one mental health disorder, many of them suffering severe depression. Researchers believe that people with alcohol abuse problems also are more likely

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Young Teenage Girls Undergoing Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

According to the executive director at a drug and alcohol recovery program, girls as young as 13 are undergoing rehab for alcohol addiction. Patricia Lavater is the executive director of Esther Foundation and a former Australian of the Year Finalist

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How Binge Drinking can lead to Alcohol Addiction

Binge drinking can increase risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. It can affect your ability to plan, pay attention, make decisions, process emotions and control impulses. It also increases your risk of

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Do Drunk Customers a Favour, Refuse Them Service

Most responsible servers of alcohol know how to recognise when a customer has had enough but the problem often arises when it’s time to refuse this patron alcohol. This could be either because the server may think it’s none of

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