Date PostedMay 2, 2019

World Health Organisation Says One In Twenty Deaths Caused by Alcohol


According to the UN health agency’s latest report on alcohol and health, alcohol is responsible for more than 1 in 20 deaths around the world annually. These deaths include drink driving deaths, those from alcohol-induced violence and abuse as well as diseases and disorders.

Men are more likely than women to die from alcohol related deaths in fact according to the 500 page report from the World Health Organisation, 3 quarters of alcohol related deaths were men.

The World Health Organisation’s report linked drinking to over 200 health conditions including liver cirrhosis and certain cancers.

Alcohol abuse was also linked to increased risk of HIV, tiberculosis and pneumonia.

The report shows that young people are particularly vulnerable with 13.5 per cent of all deaths among 20-29 year olds caused by alcohol.


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