Date PostedApril 13, 2018

What to Drink if You Don’t Want to Destroy Your Diet

Have you ever wondered why all the major weight loss programs shun alcoholic drinks, even the light ones?

According to Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Vinood Patel in an episode of The Diet Testers which aired on SBS recently, the problem is that alcohol alters the way our bodies process food.

After conducting an experiment examining how alcohol affects the body’s metabolism, the doctors found that whenever we have a drink with a meal, the alcohol is metabolised first. The fat and sugar will have to wait until the alcohol has left our bodies before it can be metabolised.

Alcohol can also interfere with blood sugar levels and excessive alcohol consumption can influence insulin levels.

The only way to ensure alcohol doesn’t cause weight gain is to drink in moderation. That means avoiding alcohol completely at least once a week, and not consuming more than 2 standard drinks a day. Read more at

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