Date PostedJanuary 23, 2017

We Find Out Australia’s Favourite Liqueur

Roy Morgan research reveals that Australian adults drink at least one liqueur in a four week period and the brand that’s the most popular is Baileys Irish Cream.

The drink far surpasses its competitors being consumed by 574,000 Australians over the legal drinking age.

This is 3 times more than Kahlua which is the second most consumed liqueur, having been enjoyed by 165,000 Australians.

Some of the other popular brands include Jägermeister (123,000) and Midori (121,000) which came in third and fourth.  Cointeau came in fifth, having been consumed by 104,000.

Women drink more liqueur than men, infact 767,000 women as compared to 716,000 men consumed liqueurs in the any four week period.


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