Date PostedNovember 5, 2018

Tips to Help You Drink Responsibly


If your drinking has gotten out of hand or you’re just trying to cut down, you may want to consider these tips to help you drink moderately and responsibly.

1. Understand why you should drink less

Whether you’re concerned about the long term health effects or you’re trying to lose weight and avoid the extra calories that drinking brings, understanding why moderate drinking is best, will help you stick to your guns.

2. Consider why you’re drinking excessively

Are you trying to numb the pain of an underlying problem or are you drinking to forget. Sometimes people are just drinking to escape reality. If this is a case you should not be ashamed to seek help.

3. Team up

Instead of hanging with the friends who down shots every five minutes and dare you to do the same, find a friend to help you drink responsibly and hold you accountable. You can do the same for them.

4. Avoid temptation to drink.

If you’re tempted by that bottle of wine in the kitchen while watching tv late at night, get rid of it before hand or go to bed earlier to avoid the temptation. If you can’t help stopping at the pub on your way home from work, take a different route.

5.Reward yourself

Take the money you would have spent drinking and save it towards something you really want, like that designer item or that holiday.


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