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Thomas Kelly’s Killer suffers Memory Loss regarding Teens Murder

Reports have come to light which claim that the killer of Thomas Kelly the young man killed in Kings Cross last year, is unaware of his actions. The man had apparently consumed a carton of double strength vodka drinks in the back of the car before heading out on the town that fateful night.

Kieran Loveridge claims he did not set out to kill someone that night he was simply too boozed to realise the implications of his actions. Loveridge and his friends were all set for a big Saturday night out when they drove from Quakers Hill to Darling Harbour which took them about an hour. They arrived at the Star Casino after having consumed at least 24 cans of Smirnoff Ice Double Black by 7:30pm that night. Loveridge was obviously intoxicated by the time they made it to the city.

Loveridge and his friend were apparently approaching people and shouting in their faces. They were then refused entry in Cargo bar but were allowed to enter Pontoon where they had another alcoholic drink, a vodka and raspberry. They then made their way to Kings Cross which is where Thomas Kelly’s nightmare began. Loveridge who is just 19 years old has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after killing Thomas Kelly and has assaulted a number of other people that night.

This post from explains what happened:

mb_narrow_loveridge_20130909185204266543-300x0CCTV captures the victim and his friends just before the assault – and 40 seconds later, Kelly can be seen with two friends walking in the same direction.

It was 10.03pm and Kelly had just alighted from a taxi with his friends, heading for a friend’s birthday at the Trademark Hotel.

Kelly was talking on his mobile and had just said they were ‘‘near the Coke sign’’ when Loveridge emerged from the shadows. ‘‘[Loveridge] was standing against the wall of the Mercure Hotel. He took two to three steps towards [Kelly and his friends] and punched Thomas Kelly to the head … causing him to fall to the ground.’’

Kelly’s female friend told police she saw Loveridge look at him: ‘‘He appeared angry and possibly intoxicated’’. But Loveridge turned and sprinted towards Darlinghurst Road. CCTV reveals Loveridge walked around Kings Cross between 10.05pm and 10.50pm and ran into football associate David Nofoaluma and said:  ‘‘I swear I am going to bash someone tonight.’’

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Over the next 45 minutes, Loveridge attacked three more men with unprovoked blows to the head, and was given an infringement notice by police for his offensive behaviour.

This is a shocking example of how over intoxication can lead to not only unacceptable behaviour but memory loss. Loveridge didn’t even know what he had done until the following day when he was watching television and saw the report about Kelly. He then realised that it was one of his fights.

The post goes on to explain:

The next day, the friend and Loveridge were watching TV when he saw a report about Kelly. ‘‘Was that one of my fights? I don’t know. It fits my description … but wouldn’t they see my tattoos. I am not athletic build. Do I look in my late 20s?’’ A few days later he told another friend: ‘‘I don’t remember what happened that night. It could have been me. I was drunk. I remember getting into a few fights that night.’’ Loveridge returns to court on October 21 for a sentencing hearing.

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