Date PostedJune 6, 2017

This is What Causes Vomiting After Alcohol Consumption

One of the most annoying consequences of excessive drinking for alot of people is vomiting, while others feel relieved after they throw up, but what causes this reaction?

According to researchers at The University of Dallas, alcohol acts as an irritant to the stomach and too much drinking can lead to gastritis. This is characterized by indigestion, stomach ache, nausea, an upset stomach and vomiting.

After drinking, alcohol poisoning is the most common cause of vomiting. Binge drinking contributes to alcohol poisoning and can last a few hours or several days.  Binge drinking is when you drink 5 or more drinks during a 2 hour period for men or 4 or more drinks over a 2 hour period for women.

Ultimately we should avoid binge drinking not only for our immediate health and wellbeing but for our future health and safety as well.


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