Date PostedOctober 11, 2012

Survey Shows Brit Parents Place their Kids at Risk by Drinking

Source : Sam Howzit

In addition to the number of pregnant women who continue to drink, it has now been established that new parents are also putting the babies at risk by increasing their alcohol intake after their first child.

According to a new survey almost a fifth ofnew parents increase their alcohol intake after the birth of their first child. The survey was conducted by a children’s charity in The UK and revealed that 17% of parents increase their alcohol consumption after the birth of their first child and 40% do not try to cut down of that drinking.

This post explains the Charity’s concerns:

Children’s charity 4Children warns this could be dangerous at a time when parental interactions with their baby are crucial.

More women admitted increasing their alcohol intake after their first birth, with over a fifth (22%) saying they drank more compared to 10% of men.

Fathers admitted drinking more frequently though, with 40% drinking a few times a week and 13% drinking every day, while 28% of the mothers surveyed said they drank alcohol a few times a week and 4% admitted drinking every day.

A survey of 575 parents with children aged 16 and under also showed that it is parents from wealthier families who tend to drink more than the poorest.

11% of families in social grade AB admitted drinking every day with 56% drinking once a week or more, compared to 3% and 42% in poorer social grade DE.

Over half (62%) of parents told the survey they did not believe their use of drugs or alcohol had any effect on their family, with only 9% of parents recognising a negative impact.

These revelations follow on from a Netmums poll on behalf of 4Children which found that 29% of mothers, and 30% of their partners, drink more alcohol every week than the Government’s recommended amount.


The charity has now called upon the alcohol industry as well as British government to step in and do something about the trend for the good of the children. The group wants a new public campaign to be launched which will highlight the effect of alcohol on the family. This they want to be indicated on alcohol labels to warn people who are buying bottles of liquor.They also want advertising and promotional messages to back up and reinforce information contained on alcohol labels.

The group has asked for the alcohol industry to take responsibility and assist in the campaign to enable families to make better decisions regarding alcohol consumption in order to avoid alcohol abuse. The campaign should target expecting and new parents in particular according to the group.

Perhaps with their experience the children’s charity is most aware of alcohol abuse’s effect on the children are most in the position to make this sort of recommendation because they have seen first-hand these devastating effects.  Whether or not a similar trend exists in Oz, it would be useful to find out because Britain is not unlike Oz in many of its drinking trends. The golden rule of alcohol consumption though remains to drink in moderation.


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