Date PostedMarch 1, 2019

Study Claims Binge Drinking Can Rewrite Your DNA


We’re constantly hearing about the effects of excessive drinking but for the first time we’re hearing that binge drinking can actually alter our DNA.

According to researchers at Rutgers University, consistently binge drinking actually has genetic impact, worsening a drinker’s relationship with alcohol, causing the person to crave it more and more.

According to the study’s senior author Dipak K. Sarkar, this may help us understand why alcoholism is such as powerful addiction.

Researchers found that drinkers have the potential to disrupt the natural effectiveness of 2 specific genes that 1. govern the body’s biological clock and 2. regulates stress.

This alteration may explain why heavy drinkers have so much trouble abstaining. It may also explain why it’s so hard to beat cycle of alcoholism.


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