Date PostedOctober 29, 2012

Shape of Glass May Affect Rate of Consumption

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According to a University of Bristol report the shape of the glass used to consume alcohol may influence how rapidly we drink. This may explain why certain drinks make us more drunk (because of the glass they are consumed out of) or what glasses are best to avoid becoming overly intoxicated.

The study, headed by Dr Angela Attwood studied 160 social drinkers who had no history of alcoholism. The respondents were given alcohol in straight sided glasses and curved beer flutes and the difference in consumption rates were evaluated.

The results showed that consumption of alcohol from curved glasses was almost twice as fast as consumption from the straight sided glasses. The same procedure was followed with non-alcoholic drinks but the results showed that consumption rates in both glasses were the same.

Basically the beer flute glass promotes the fastest consumption of alcohol. People just drink faster out of a curved beer glass than an ordinary straight glass.

This psychology of the drinker can be used to minimise the negative effects of alcoholism and over-intoxication that are so prevalent in our society at present. People will be able to pace themselves better and control their rate of consumption better.


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