Date PostedDecember 6, 2012

RSA NSW Online Update: Police Foil Underage Drinking Plans

More underage drinking news emerged this week as reports of school leavers attempting to smuggle alcohol came to light.

Crafty school leavers didn’t get the better of police who caught the youth out in the plans to smuggle alcohol in shampoo containers, tomato sauce bottles and eskies in order to get it passed police roadblocks.

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Police searched school leavers at a road block last week in Bunbury as they embarked on end-of-year celebrations in Dunsborough.

Officials managed to confiscate more than 500 items that were hidden by school leavers after searching 1900 vehicles and issued 90 infringement notices.

Perhaps even more cunning than using old containers to hide alcohol, some school leavers used potato chip canisters to hide their alcohol. Thankfully none of the drivers were caught for drink driving or drug driving.

This year’s Leavers week saw around 10,000 of these school leavers descend upon Sunsborough, the South West and Rottnest Island as they begin to celebrate the end of the school year.

Those in a position to serve alcohol to underage minors or adult acquaintances who are asked to buy alcohol for teenagers need to be aware of the ramifications of their actions. People need to think about the consequences not only to themselves but also to the minors involved.  This is covered in parts of the RSA Online NSW course.

RSA staff should remember that serving alcohol to a minor may affect the rest of their life or cut it short, for example, if they are involved in a car crash. People who persist in providing alcohol to minors should be prepared to face the full arm of the law.


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