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RSA NSW Online: Entertainment Districts Violence Down in Sydney

Strong progress on violence in pubs

Sydney has been plagued with a bout of alcohol fuelled violence since the beginning of this year, so as the year draws to a close it is pleasing to note that this social problem seems to be on the decline. According to crime statistics recently released indicated a drop in crimes such as assaults on licenced venue’s premises. Glass related violent incidents also declined, according to the statistics. The reason for the drop according to police is cooperation between authorities and business owners.

The report, released by BOSCAR also indicated an increase in drug related crime, relating mostly to possession and use of amphetamines.

Read this post by that explains the report:

The figures by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) cited as ‘noteworthy trends’ a reduction in assaults in hotels and pubs, down 11.8 per cent, and incidents involving glass, down 17.9 per cent across NSW.

AHA (NSW) CEO, Paul Nicolaou, said the continued trend reflects the fact that assaults were already at their lowest levels in more than a decade.

“In areas like City North (covering much of the Sydney CBD) we have seen incidents of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour dropping by almost 30 per cent in the last year alone,” states Nicolaou. 

“Hoteliers are working with the police and the community to ensure these figures improve even further.

“We have zero tolerance for violence on our licensed premises and look forward to working with police this weekend during Operation Unite.”

The report also highlights some increases in drug-related crime including an alarming 25.1 per cent increase in offences relating to the possession and/or use of amphetamines in the past 24 months. 

“We have been saying for some time drugs and alcohol are a potent mix and a huge problem in some sectors of the community. Once again this is revealed in the BOCSAR figures,” said Nicolaou.

Operation Unite is an ongoing joint initiative of Police Commissioners across Australia and New Zealand intended to challenge alcohol misuse, crime, violence and anti-social behaviour.


Although the report indicated that the decrease in violent crimes was attributed to cooperation between police and venue owners, staff of licenced venues play an enormous role as well.

Some of the most worrying incidents that have occurred over the past year include assaults and brawls, one of which claimed the life of a teenager earlier this year. Drugs and alcohol remain a major issue standing in the way of public safety in these entertainment districts, especially when combined or abused.

Workers in the hospitality have an important role to play in combatting this behaviour. In order to do this, workers must undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol training. Not only is this training a legal obligation but it will teach staff in licenced venues how to identify unduly intoxicated patrons and others that should be refused alcohol in order to minimise the incidents of alcohol induced violence and incidents.

RSA training can be completed online and will equip workers with the knowledge necessary to ensure that they serve alcohol in a way that will not contribute to any of the incidents in question.


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