Date PostedNovember 30, 2012

RSA for NSW: Learn how to Get Yours

A bizarre incident has occurred leaving liquor store owners questioning the safety of their alcohol displays. An overseas bottle store was the site of a fire recently after some vodka bottles that were left on display ignited from the sunlight and heat, causing a fire to break out but not before the tops of the bottles popped off and sprayed the room with hot, steaming vodka. The incident was an example of a freak accident that cost the bottle store owner dearly. However for NSW licenced venues, RSA breaches can be just as costly if not more so and may even result in a venue losing its licence.

But what exactly is the importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol Training?

RSA training teaches staff in the hospitality and alcohol sales industries how to sell and serve alcohol in a manner that is not harmful to society. This includes who you can and cannot serve liquor to, how much liquor can be served and the penalties you face if you do not adhere to the rules. Previously the RSA course in NSW had to be completed by physically attending classes at a registered training provider’s premises, but thanks to new laws by The OLGR you can easily and conveniently receive your training online at a fraction of the cost of traditional training. While the course does teach workers how to abide by RSA laws and regulations such as not serving unduly intoxicated patrons and how to recognise these people, unfortunately common sense which could have avoided the incident above is something that cannot be taught. Liquor store owners, if you stock flammable liquor make sure it’s not positioned in front of a window that receives direct sunlight.

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Peter Cutforth is a Director at Urban E-Learning, a global elearning, OH&S training, and web strategy firm based in Little Edward St. Spring Hill, Brisbane, Australia. Urban E-Learning provides compliance related online , Distance and Face-to-Face training products in the construction, hospitality and heavy vehicle transport sectors, to name a few. Examples include the White Card Construction induction course and the RSA - Responsible Service of Alcohol course. Peter's interests extend to training, safety and compliance, online marketing, and Mobile Apps.

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