Date PostedOctober 28, 2012

Risks Involved With Serving Intoxicated Patrons

Source : Surian Soosay

Serving intoxicated patrons is against the law and has far reaching consequences, not only for the person being served but for the community as well.  The laws set by OLGR NSW are strict, and its important all hospitality staff and management are aware of what they are!  These fines are explained fully in the RSA Online NSW course, and they are one of the most important aspects of the course for trainees to learn and understand.

Serving alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons is one of the reasons identified as contributing to the alcohol fuelled violence that has been plaguing much of the country recently. Brawls, assaults, robberies and other violent crimes are being committed by customers who are over intoxicated.

Unduly intoxicated patrons have also been identified as a contributor to the drink driving crashes we see on our roads because drunk drivers have the false confidence to drive while drunk, endangering not only their own lives but the lives of other innocent road users in the process. They may have the confidence but definitely not the capability, with dulled senses and concentration making driving difficult.

There has also been a surge in assaults and brawls recently. Innocent people are finding themselves the victim of unprovoked incidents that result in injury and even death, such as the young man, Thomas Kelly who lost his life earlier this year due to an attack with a knife.

Authorities are cracking down on businesses that are not sticking to their responsible service of alcohol duties and increased police presence means that establishments that are in breach of these laws will be held accountable. If you serve intoxicated patrons not only can you and your establishment expect a fine, but you may also face more severe consequences. Click here to start the online RSA NSW course.


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