Date PostedMarch 9, 2013

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Recognising the Symptoms of potential Alcohol Addictions

With all the attention that binge drinking and alcohol fuelled misconduct has been receiving recently it is possible that some people may recognise symptoms of alcohol abuse or a potential drinking problem in themselves or others around them, but they may be unsure of whether there really is cause for concern.

It is not uncommon for people to enjoy a drink after work to unwind, do these people have a drinking problem or could they be on their way to one, especially if this is a daily occurence?

In a society that promotes heavy drinking and in particular binge drinking, it’s becoming increasingly hard to tell whether our own alcohol consumption is under control or if we’re moving into dangerous drinking territory.

Many drinkers underestimate how much they drink and tell themselves that they are just moderate drinkers, this is denial if drinkers habits are out of control.

Also a lot of people think that if they aren’t drinking hard liquor like vodka, gin, brandy etc. they cannot be alcoholics, yet many people are guilty of drinking glass after glass of wine each night, which could constitute an addiction. Also people don’t realise that that they may be consistently pouring glasses of wine that are double the “standard drink” measurement.

Binge drinking is a gateway to alcohol addiction, so it needs to be avoided especially binge drinking on a regular basis.

A standard drink is a unit of measurement for measuring how much alcohol is contained in a drink and can help drinkers avoid binge drinking. A standard drink by Australian standard is any drink containing 10 grams of alcohol. One standard drink always contains the same amount of alcohol regardless of the container size or alcohol type consumed. The number of standard drinks in an alcohol beverage is always shown on the label of the container.

In order to calculate a standard drink and avoid over doing it:

Multiply the volume of the container in litres by the alcohol volume and multiply that by 0.789. Volume of container in litres X % alcohol by volume (ml/100ml) X 0.789 =number of standard drinks

It is important to remember that moderate drinking carries a lot of health benefits, as science has proven, however binge drinking eliminates these benefits and actually leads to a number of health issues over time. The best way to maximize on the health benefits of alcohol is to consume it in low levels and moderately.

As a licensee or staff member in a licensed venue, your responsibility to your customers includes serving alcohol moderately. Alcohol servers should never serve alcohol in excess and never serve alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons. In order to learn how to execute your RSA duties and what these RSA duties entail, workers in the alcohol industry must undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol training and successfully complete their RSA course. Thankfully this can now be done online, at the server’s convenience, from the comfort of their own home. The course is comprehensive and cost efficient and will ensure that servers and their employers meet not only the legal RSA requirement, but also serve alcohol in a responsible and socially acceptable manner. Visit our homepage for more information or to quickly and conveniently sign up.



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