Date PostedNovember 25, 2012

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Learn to Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

Source: Stop Alcohol Deaths, Inc.

As a bartender or waitron or even a member of the security staff of a licenced venue one of the things you should know in case of an emergency is how to help someone who may be at risk of alcohol poisoning.

A lot of people who engage in binge drinking or bar hopping may not be aware of just how much alcohol they are consuming until it is too late. You as the professional are there to help.

Excessive alcohol consumption is often accompanied by blackouts and vomiting but even more dangerous is the fact that alcohol poisoning can result in death.

In order to prevent alcohol poisoning, drinkers should always have a meal before going on a drinking binge. Carbohydrates like pasta, bread and crackers are foods that can absorb the alcohol and slow its absorption into your blood system. They should also drink water rather than carbonated drinks and snack between each drink.

Watch that drinkers are limiting the amount of alcohol they drink to one standard drink per hour. This may be difficult but you may save someone’s life.

Also watch that drinkers aren’t combining drugs and alcohol, even medication drugs to avoid adverse reactions.

If you notice a drinker has over indulged, they shouldn’t fall asleep because they could become unconscious and fall into a coma.

If a person is intoxicated and begins vomiting, turn them onto their side and clean out their mouth to prevent them from choking.  Watch out for signs such as mental confusion, seizures, slowed breathing, hypothermia and unconsciousness which indicate that a person may be at risk of suffering alcohol poisoning.  

You can get more information about the above at our RSA Online NSW course.


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