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Responsible Service of Alcohol Online NSW

Online RSA NSW Course – Now Available!!!


You may be aware that in Australian States other than New South Wales, you can do an RSA Course online, and New South Wales had a trial online course in 2013. But this was withdrawn in January 2014, so up until now, the only alternative for people needing to get their RSA in NSW was to do a face-to-face course.

And this has been a major problem because of the inconvenience and disruption to your schedule if you have to attend a classroom, and even more so for the many people who live in rural and more remote areas where they have to travel long distances to find a course they can attend.

That is until now… behind closed doors our training company have been working with the Office of Liquor and Gaming (better known as OLGR) in NSW to release a brand new way of conveniently doing a NSW RSA course from home! It’s called Distance Learning mode, and here’s how it’s going to make life a lot easier for you right now!

This unique new system and training technology allows you to complete your responsible service of alcohol course content and assessment completely from home in approximately two to four hours, depending on how fast you read, and how long it takes you to do the assessments.

Click here to read more about the process of getting your RSA NSW Certificate by Distance Learning.

OLD POST – NOTE:  This content below is now out of date.

NSW is the latest to adopt the Online RSA Course.  The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR NSW) has approved the RSA Course online in NSW for a twelve month trial period.  NSW Authorities require all licensees, serving and security staff to complete The Responsible Service of Alcohol Training.

The good news is that you can now complete your RSA Course online, without the hassle of face-to-face training. makes it convenient and easy for you to get your RSA certificate on your own terms, when and where it suits you.

A few Registered Training Providers have been tasked with conducting the course for NSW residents. Strict guidelines have been put in place by The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR NSW) relating particularly to student ID verification and Best Practice Guidelines. The course content has been provided by OLGR NSW and is consistent across all RTO’s. The consistency of the new course will include according to OLGR specifications:

• The principles and practices of the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).

• RSA training is governed by NSW State liquor laws and completion of an RSA course is mandatory for licensees, serving and security staff.

For $139 you too can enter this exciting industry by completing your RSA Course conveniently online!  The course consists of four sections that will need to be completed before the certificate is obtained.

They are:

1.Introduction to RSA. This topic will help you to understand the purpose of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). In this section you will learn about the principles of RSA, and the role of the Government in developing and enforcing RSA legislation in NSW. Government officers and experienced licensees will explain many of these details so that you gain a thorough understanding.

2. RSA legislation.  This section covers the skills and knowledge to sell or serve alcohol according to NSW legislation. Here you will learn about the legal requirements of RSA. Industry professionals will explain the key aspects of RSA legislation and how it applies to your role in industry.

3. Impact of alcohol. In this section of the course you’ll hear about the risks to your patrons, including long-term health problems, associated with alcohol consumption. You will also learn how alcohol impacts on personal and community health. A health professional will outline issues related to the sale and service of alcohol for different types of customers, especially those at risk. You will also see how to provide accurate information to customers on alcoholic beverages.

4. RSA strategies.  This section will provide you with a range of skills that will help you to comply with the requirements of the liquor laws.  In this topic you’ll look at role plays demonstrating best practice in RSA strategies. You’ll also hear from licensees about how RSA is typically applied by staff in the workplace to gain some practical knowledge of the industry.

OLGR and Australia Post charge $70 for the competency card (which is a requirement for both face-to-face and online training).  (This $70 is included in the price of the training provided by )

OLGR NSW has made it much easier for NSW residents to obtain their RSA certificate on their own terms, when and where it is convenient for them, by eliminating the need for face-to-face training while not compromising on standards.

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