Date PostedOctober 8, 2012

Prospect Mayor Calls for more Authority over Licenced Venues

There’s been a lot of debate raging about the future of alcohol control in many Australian districts. Now the Prospect Mayor David O’Loughlin has called for more authority over licenced venues for local government, a move he believes will help curb the alcohol fuelled violence in the area.

The mayor has argued that giving local councils control over the operating times of licenced venues may be the solution to violence associated with alcohol consumption. The Prospect Council has requested that the local government lobby the federal government in order to achieve this outcome.

The Prospect Council wants controlling power over closing times at their local hotels and restaurants in an attempt to prevent alcohol-fuelled violence following a spate of violent attacks outside pubs, nightclubs and other venues in the state.

Although Prospect is not a problem area in terms of alcohol fuelled violence, there have been a few violent incidents outside venues that serve alcohol which is why the council want earlier closing times for these licenced venues. It is a precautionary measure to overcome any futher violence problems that may arise in the future.

This post on the news website, provides more insight:

Mr O’Loughlin’s push has been supported by Port-Enfield Mayor Gary Johanson and Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood.But Walkerville Mayor Heather Wright said there were already many “safeguards and cross-checks” in place.

CaffeCena manager Dianne Nicholas said local councils had a greater insight into suburbs and the clientele that each venue attracted.”Liquor licensing just generalise every place as the same,” Ms Nicholas said.

LGA communications director Chris Russell said the issue would be considered once the matter was formally raised with the LGA.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General’s Department said councils had a number of options available if they were concerned about licensed venues’ trading hours.”Councils, like members of the public, are able to lodge an objection to advertised applications if they have concerns,” she said.


Late trading hours have been one of the factors identified across the country as a contributor to the alcohol violence that has erupted in many districts. The later venues stay open and serve alcohol the more the potential for patrons to become over intoxicated, resulting in violent behaviour and an increase in alcohol fuelled crime and generally deviant behaviour.

While we are all aware of the physical effects of alcohol, alcohol consumption has been shown to directly affect cognitive functions as well. Meaning that it affects the way a person thinks, often hindering logical thinking. A person can lose self-control and indulge in activities that they wouldn’t ordinarily, such as unsafe sex and violence. Excessive drinking brings out the risk taker in drinkers and patrons often don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

Perhaps handing over power to the local councils is an idea that may work in minimising this menacing behaviour that has in the past resulted in a number of injuries and deaths.


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