Date PostedDecember 15, 2018

Party-goers Say Alcohol Prices Promoting Drug Use


While authorities push up the price of alcohol in the hopes of curbing abuse, young Australians are being driven to buy illegal drugs instead, which is illegal.

Young people have admitted that spending $30 on a pill is preferable when you consider the rising costs of alcohol when going out.

Australian cities are among the most expensive for alcohol in the world, which is motivating partygoers to opt for drugs instead.

One 24 year old student, said she would opt for party drugs for a cheaper night out. She even admitted that the price was the reason why she started using ecstasy in the first place.

Young people would rather pay $25 or $30 on an ecstasy pill than $40 on pre-drinks at home and then even more when they get to the club. She also says the “buzz” lasts longer than with alcohol.

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