Date PostedNovember 13, 2013

Operation Saber Launched to Crack Down on Alcohol Fuelled Crime

The Brisbane Water Police have launched a new operation to crack down on alcohol fuelled crime in the Central West area. This time of the year alcohol related violence usually surges in the area because of the number of revellers who descend on the Central Coast.

The summer crack down on alcohol related crime and violence in the area has been codenamed Operation Saber, beginning on Sunday 13 October and running until April 2014 aimed at keeping alcohol fuelled crime at bay.

People in the area should be aware of the programme which includes high visibility proactive police operations, specifically designed to improve community safety.

An article on explains more about the Operation:

Cops and clubs initiativeThe operation will focus on bail compliance, high visibility policing, warrantenforcement, high-risk offender targeting, alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour, licensed premises compliance and street level drug offences.

It follows recent discussions with business and community leaders across the LAC involving Detective Inspector Glenn Trayhurn and other senior officers.

Brisbane Water Local Area Commander, Superintendent Danny Sullivan, said the campaign has been developed to disrupt criminal activity within the area and reduce alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.


Police have reminded the public that The Central Coast becomes a major tourist destination over this time of year with an influx of visitors every weekend, during holiday periods and during special events including News Year’s Eve celebrations, schoolies, Glenworth Valley Festival, various sporting events and horse racing. The influx of people, there to have a good time is also sometimes a recipe for alcohol fuelled violence.

As police warn during summer there is often an increase in parties, many of which become out of hand and serious abuse of alcohol and drugs usually accompany these.

The post on goes on to explain:

“During the warmer months of the year we see a spike in issues such as out-of-control parties, large anti-social gatherings of youth and serious offences including alcohol and drug abuse.

“Operation Saber will see additional police rostered to combat these issues with high-visibility policing with intelligence based deployment.”

Supt Sullivan said the campaign would ensure the community could enjoy the vibrant coastal culture free from alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour. “If you play up on the Central Coast you will be dealt with swiftly – it’s as simple as that,” he said.


As we approach summer and the authorities begin their own operations to keep crowds under control, it is important that RSA staff also remember their roles in keeping the peace by enforcing RSA rules.

Although the hotter weather is an invitation to many to go out and party, we should ensure that patrons are behaving responsibly, if not it is our duty as RSA staff to refuse alcohol service to unduly intoxicated patrons or those who may be underage and are unable to produce an ID.


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