Date PostedOctober 21, 2012

NSW and SA Ban Liquid Nitrogen Drinks

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Following a shocking incident last month which resulted in a young girl losing part of her stomach, NSW and SA have banned the use of liquid nitrogen in cocktails. The incident which happened in the UK has had repercussions for pubs and bars across the globe including in Oz.

Although those using liquid nitrogen in Oz swear that they are doing so safely, authorities are not taking any chances. According to bartenders and owners who use liquid nitrogen it should only be used to decorate drinks or chill glasses, never to be added into the drink and consumed, this is where the problem occurs. Drinking the cocktail or drink before the liquid nitrogen dissipates is what caused the damage that resulted in Gaby Scanlon’s incident.

As long as the liquid nitrogen evaporates into a gas before the cocktail is consumed it isn’t actually present by the time they are ingested. This is important because drinking liquid nitrogen can lead to serious injury or maybe even death. As long as the nitrogen evaporates and is not ingested, there shouldn’t be any harm but this should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional, which is probably what led to the serious injury of Gaby Scanlon.


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