Date PostedJune 20, 2017

New Programs Halve the Rate of Binge Drinking in Teenagers

Researchers have found that they can predict the personality traits of teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy.

Studies found that impulsiveness, sensitivity  to anxiety and sensation and hopelessness are the traits in teenagers that are most likely to become binge drinkers.

This was discovered in the first Australian trial, a program that targeted 438 year 8 students with one of these traits successfully halved the onset of drinking and binge drinking for up to 3 years following the intervention.

The program (Preventure) was designed by a professor from the University of Montreal over a decade ago to alter a teenager’s behaviour and thinking.

Since its establishment, the program has proved effective on thousands of teenagers around the world including in Czech Republic, Canada, Britain and Australia.

You can look for the following traits to determine whether a teen may be at risk:

(Teenagers with higher than average levels of these personality traits are 90 per cent more likely to develop alcohol and drug problems).

  • Impulsivity – acting before thinking things through
  • Sensation seeking – the type that are adrenaline junkies.
  • Anxiety sensitivity – became scared when nervous or their heart starts beating faster.
  • Hopelessness – See themselves as failures


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