Date PostedJune 9, 2014

Man Jailed after being Caught Drink Driving 9 Times

A Mooree man has been jailed after being caught for the ninth time driving over the legal drinking limit.

A magistrate sentenced the man to 2 years imprisonment before blasting him for his behaviour. The 49 year old man, Kevin Adams apparently had 6 high range PCA charges to his name, including 2 within a space of 3 months after he was caught by police in October last year.

It is unlikely that other drivers would take the risk of being caught so many times over the legal limit, but never the less this incident does serve as a reminder to other drivers that they will not get away with such behaviour.

This man was extremely lucky to be alive, as he could have been involved in any number of crashes and selfishly placed the lives of other innocent road users at risk.  Magistrate Roger Prowse had this to say at the sentencing of Adams,

Moree driver jailed after nine DUI charges   Moree ChampionMagistrate Roger Prowse said Adams was a “chronic alcoholic” whose time was up.

“You have run out of any leniency,” he said.

Adams, who appeared in Tamworth Local Court for sentencing via video link, was detected on October 10 driving a green Ford Falcon on the Oxley Highway near Gunnedah.

Police had been searching for the car about 6.30pm after several calls from motorists about the manner of driving.

Adams admitted to police he had had “six 750mL bottles of beer” that day before he blew a blood alcohol reading of 0.263.

A subsequent search showed he was disqualified from driving after a previous high-range drink-driving offence just three months before.


The article goes on to list some of the incidents where Adams was caught by police after already having been disqualified from driving. Adams, during one occasion reeked of alcohol and appeared intoxicated as he swayed from side to side. This resulted in his arrest after he blew a breathalyser reading of 0.251. Adams admitted that the particular drinking session had last 12 hours straight from 6:30am to 6:40pm.

Adams lawyer said he was an alcoholic and was taking the necessary steps to address his alcoholism. The 49 year old apparently started drinking at the age of 16.

The judge sentenced Adams to 15 months jail time for high range drink driving and a 9 month concurrent sentence for driving while disqualified. He was also ordered to spend up to a further 2 years behind bars for the second high range offence.

The judge however did not show Adam any leniency as the article goes on to explain:

Despite an early guilty plea, Magistrate Prowse said he had to hand down a maximum sentence.

“To impose anything other than the maximum penalty is ridiculous,” he said.

With good behaviour, Adams will be eligible for parole in December 2015.

But he won’t be able to get behind the wheel for much longer – his licence has been disqualified for at least seven years.


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