Date PostedOctober 25, 2012

Learn to Prevent a Hangover

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Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy a night out without the punishment that is a hangover the next morning? That’s the question most drinkers ask themselves. Unfortunately the only way to ensure you don’t get a hangover is not to drink.

Although scientists may not have discovered a sure fire cure to the hangover, there are ways to minimise alcohol’s negative effects on the body.

Firstly and most importantly, know your limits and don’t overdo it. Secondly eat a good meal before you drink so that the alcohol will be absorbed more slowly.

Also stick to one type of alcohol, because mixing encourages you to drink more and the chances of developing a hangover are greater.

Choose white, light liquors rather than dark ones. Lighter alcohol like vodka and gin are less likely to cause a hangover than the dark ones like brandy and rum.

Sparkling wine and champagne are also cause hangovers, some think it is the bubbles that cause you to become intoxicated quicker and develop a hangover the next day.

Remember to stay hydrated because dehydration contributes to the hangover. Drink a glass of water before going to bed to lessen the chances of a hangover the next day.


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