Date PostedJuly 7, 2017

Is it Possible to Drink Less but Enjoy it More?

Although many people may be giving up alcohol for Dry July or trying to have more dry days in their week, neuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates, a researcher with the University of NSW and author of A Brain for Life, says its important to first be mindful of your drinking, by understanding exactly how much is a standard drink and how much you’re drinking in comparison, the truth can be shocking for some drinkers.

According to Gates,  the best guide with any alcohol is to look on the bottle or pack to see how many standard drinks it contains.

Gates advises to:

  1. Know why your body needs a break from alcohol now and then.
  2. Find a substitute to alcohol.
  3. Learn how to handle a social situation.
  4. When feeling stressed, rather count your blessings than turn to alcohol.
  5. Be kind to yourself.

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