Date PostedNovember 13, 2017

Increasing Number of People too Drunk to Walk but is Increasing Alcohol Price the Answer


Although statistics show that on the whole, we as a nation are drinking less, workers on the frontline say people that are abusing alcohol are doing so to a greater extent and with greater consequences, calling for a minimum floor price. They say this will stop the sale of cheap wine which sells for as little as $2.80 a bottle.

Some of those advocating for a minimum floor price are workers from the Broome sober-up shelter who say people are often dropped off so drunk that they have to be collected in a wheelchair. The workers say the severity of intoxication is getting worse, since the shelter opened 18 years ago, breathalyser tests confirm this.

Governments are now considering introducing a minimum floor price for alcohol, as other countries like Canada have successfully done.

Interestingly the Australian Hotels Association of WA has supported the minimum floor price, if it is low enough.

There are other groups that say a minimum floor price will actually open the door for black market alcohol. Read more details about both sides of the story at :

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