Date PostedFebruary 21, 2019

How to Drink without Ruining Your Diet


Did you start the year out on a diet but don’t know how to incorporate your social drinking into your healthy eating plan?You’re not alone.

Alcoholic beverages can in fact ruin your diet but it doesn’t have to.

Here’s what you should know,

Alcohol has ’empty calories’ which means that while it packs a mean punch in terms of calories, it doesn’t carry nutritional benefit.

Although it may not ‘feel’ like it, alcohol is energy dense. Actually gram for gram alcohol contains 29 kilojoules. Keep in mind that proteins and carbs have just 17 kilojoules and fat has 38, so alcohol is somewhere in the middle.

In one standard drink there is 10g of alcohol which means it has about 290 kilojoules or 70 calories, and that’s just the alcohol, not including the mixers.

If you’re a beer drinker, just one schooner holds about 669 kilojoules  or 160 calories. Cocktails are even higher in calories with a standard mojito containing around  710 kilojoules (170 calories) and a margarita has 460 kilojoules or 110 calories.

Just as you should be counting how many standard drinks you’re consuming, knowing how many calories are in the drinks you’re consuming will help you control how it affects your weight.

The best options for those looking to keep down the calories are spirits like vodka or gin with a low/no calorie mixer like sparkling water or ice.


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