Date PostedSeptember 24, 2018

Here’s Why You Should Start Drinking Whisky


In Australia we love our beer and our wine but whisky is something that’s been reserved for special occasions. But we should be breaking out the whisky more often, not  only because of its quality and the care that goes into making every batch, but because of the benefits for your health.

A post on claims whisky is good for your physical health for the following reasons,

  1. It can lower your risk of dementia. Although too much alcohol can be bad for your brain, moderate consumption actually has the opposite effect.  A study out of the Beth Israel Deconness Medical Centre in the US found that consuming one to six alcoholic drinks a week halves the risk of Dementia.
  2. It can calm your nerves. A drink can boost your blood circulation and oxygenation which lowers your heart rate and helps alleviate anxiety, according to specialists at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto, Canada. Binge drinking has the adverse effect and makes you feel more stressed.
  3. It can help you fight a cold.

The moment your throat starts tickling or your nose starts running, it’s normal to think that this is how it ends. But fortunately, whiskey can help you shake off some of the symptoms of a cold. “The alcohol dilates blood vessels a little bit, and that makes it easier for your mucus membranes to deal with the infection,” Dr. William Schaffner, chair of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, told ABC News.


4. It can help prevent heart disease. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking a shot of a spirit every week increases the body’s level of anti-oxidants and helps protect against coronary heart disease.

“For those of us looking for the lower calorie option, whisky offers a great alternative to drinks such as beer. It can be enjoyed in a tall refreshing highball, neat or in your next classic cocktail, just to name a few” adds Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, Luke Sanderson, who recently helped launch the brand’s new single malt, Winter Storm. 


5. Reduce your Stroke Risk

A shot of alcohol can help ward off heart attacks and reduce your risk of a stroke, according to a study out of Harvard University. Once again researchers found that excessive drinking (in this case more than 4 drinks a day) had the opposite effect. Too much alcohol can increase the risk of stroke, heart attacks, hypertension and abnormal heart rhythms, all of which can be fatal, so stick to moderate, responsible drinking.

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