Date PostedJuly 9, 2019

Examining Whether Alcohol Really Has Health Benefits


The question of whether drinking really does have health benefits is one that has baffled researchers and scientists for decades with some studies indicating that moderate alcohol consumption can lead to a longer life, having a particular benefit on the heart. Others have argued that drinking doesn’t benefit health and that there is no “safe” level of alcohol consumption.

There has also been research claiming that moderate drinking can keep depression at bay however more studies have shown that heavy drinking increases depression risk.

The moderate consumption of wine and beer has been shown to benefit the heart and other results show the benefits of drinking vodka and wine.

New results from a large scale have shown that moderate and occasional drinkers have lower death rates than abstainers. In fact, according to large scale research, abstainers had the highest mortality rates.

Research also showed that moderate and occasional female drinkers were less likely to die prematurely than females who were lifetime abstainers  from alcohol.

The authors of the report warn that people should interpret the results with caution, as the HRS could contain biases and measurement errors. Also, factors that are not yet known could have influenced the results.

Ultimately researchers believe more research is needed.


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