Date PostedJanuary 10, 2018

Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

Do you think you may be allergic to alcohol?

Research shows that many people may actually be mistaking their allergic reactions to alcohol as a hangover, because symptoms are similar.

Nausea, breathing problems and hives are symptoms of an allergic reaction to alcohol.

Some experts say an alcohol intolerance may be more a likely occurrence than an allergy because an allergy involves the immune system while the intolerance involves digestive problems.

Scientists say some alcohol allergies may not be as a result of the alcohol itself but one of the many ingredients contained in the drink, such as gluten, barley, grapes, histamines, hops, sulphates or other substances.

A true alcohol allergy can be dangerous because it can lead to anaphylactic shock so it’s important to get a professional opinion.

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