Date PostedMay 29, 2017

Booze Bracelets Keep Repeat Drink driver sober

Police are considering alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets for drink-drivers and domestic violence abusers, with substance abuse experts confident that the scheme would force repeat offenders to stay sober.

Offenders with serial alcohol related convictions would be forced to abstain with the ankle monitoring bracelets which supporters say would help improve public health and safety and reduce crime, especially among young men.

Courts may require offenders with serial convictions to give up drinking for up to 6 months and wear the ankle bracelets that would give around the clock monitoring of blood alcohol levels.

The ankle bracelets “sobriety tags” return readings every 30 minutes through the wearer’s sweat with another option being considered for a breathalysing scheme. Results would be sent to a judge or parole officer.

This 24/7 Sobriety Program has been successfully adopted in some US states and will next month be rolled out across London.

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