Date PostedMarch 5, 2019

Australians Drinking Less Alcohol- Roy Morgan Finds


According to Roy Morgan’s Alcohol Consumption Currency Report September 2018, the Australian population is drinking less.

The report found that in a 4 week period 67,9% of the population 18 and over consumed at least 1 type of alcoholic drink.While this may seem like a lot, this actually represents a gradual decline over the last 5 years from 70.1% in 2013.

Apart from cider which showed an increase in consumption rates, all major alcoholic beverages declined in consumption over this period.

Wine is still the most popular alcoholic drink consumed by 43.4% of the Australian population over the legal drinking age in a 4 week period.

Beer was consumed by 38.4% and spirits 26.7%. Although wine is still the most consumed, it also saw the biggest decline over the last 5 years.


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