Date PostedJuly 16, 2013

Another Sports Star Embarrassed by Alcohol Misconduct

The embarrassed sports star who has been making the news these days for all the wrong reasons has admitted to be remorseful and filled with anguish over his drink driving episode, when he also drove unlicensed – during which in his words was “the worst week of his life”.

According to Tamou he will never make the same mistake again after “letting down” a number of people including his family, the Cowboys, the Blues and the NRL.

Tamou is apparently still coming to terms with the shame and humiliation of being charged with drinking driving. But his ordeal is nowhere near over- he will appear before Townsville Magistrates Court next month.

This post from explains more about the consequences of Tamou’s actions that he is dealing with at the moment:

349962-james-tamouThe NRL’s integrity unit and the Cowboys have already thrown the book at Tamou, who was stood down from his side’s 22-16 defeat of the Dragons and will miss Origin II on Wednesday week.

The salt to the wound is a $20,000 fine, which in effect is $50,000 given that Tamou’s Origin axing has cost him a $30,000 match payment.

But the money is an ancillary concern for Tamou. First and foremost, he is gutted.

His distress is palpable as he reflects on the people he has disappointed, including mum Pippa, currently battling a highly aggressive form of Crohn’s disease.

“It definitely won’t ever happen again,” said Tamou, who recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.197 – almost four times the legal limit.

“The biggest lesson I’ve taken is the stupid thing I did and I’m relieved that the club has stood by me and the players have supported me. It’s been one of my worst weeks.

“The whole thing has been a kick in the guts … I can’t tell you how bad I feel.”

The NSW bookend, whose manager Sam Ayoub may yet fight the $20,000 fine, travelled to Wollongong with his Cowboys teammates.

He sat in the coaches box on Friday night as North Queensland conjured a boilover at WIN Stadium.


We as the public often expect our sports stars to be more sensible than they sometimes prove, they are after all only human, bound to make mistakes. This incident highlights the need for more to be done to overcome the problem of drink driving in Oz, a problem that seems to have become entrenched on our culture. The problem is people don’t realize how much they’ve had to drink and instead of calling a taxi or a friend to get home they believe that they can drive themselves.

Although Tamou is very remorseful and down in the dumps over the incident, the fact that the is a role model to young kids and others is perhaps the most concerning part of all. Hopefully those impressionable youth that look up to him will realise what a big mistake drink driving is and how it can destroy lives, hopefully in some way Tamou’s actions will serve as an example to others about what not to do.


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