Date PostedJuly 25, 2015

Alcohol Sales to Minors Prompts OLGR Warning

Bottle shops selling alcohol to minors have been given a warning by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

The OGLR is cracking down on Responsible Service of Alcohol breaches following a blitz on 42 bottle shops around the state. A number of serious breaches were detected during the after school holiday compliance operation.

Three venues were caught selling alcohol to minors, prompting OLGR Director of Compliance and Enforcement Anthony Keon to remind all bottle shops to check identification of customers when selling alcohol. He reiterated that selling alcohol to minors is illegal.

He went on to state:

“Selling alcohol to minors is illegal – no exceptions,” he said.

“Any venue that can’t comply with this basic requirement will face strict sanctions, including possible criminal prosecution, suspension of licence and cancellation and disqualification for repeat offences.

“It’s extremely concerning that a number of venues have failed to heed these warnings and have placed young people at risk by breaking the law.”

Source: Coffs Coast Advocate

The post goes on to identify some of the breaches detected during the operations including a licensee found selling alcohol with an expired RSA accreditation.

Another venue was detected selling alcohol outside its authorised trading hours and a number of venues were found selling alcohol to minors without ID being checked. At one venue a staff member was seen drinking alcohol while serving customers.

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Importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

The results of the blitz are evidence of the fact that RSA is being ignored by many licensees and hospitality employees in the state.

RSA training teaches you to serve alcohol in a manner that maintains the good reputation of the establishment. This means that you will enjoy a pleasant working environment and be confident that each time you go to work you will be safe rather than being exposed to alcohol fuelled violence.

But more importantly failure to adhere to RSA rules and serving alcohol to minors, carries hefty fines for you as the server, the licensee and venue and may also result in you losing your job.

In addition to denying alcohol service to minors, responsible service of alcohol involves not serving alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons. That is why training to perform your RSA duties is important, as is choosing the right RSA Training Provider.

Responsible service of alcohol training is important for liquor servers to understand how much alcohol they are providing their customers, because this action has implications on the health of the public as well as other socioeconomic consequences.

More than ensuring that you have completed the training and are in possession of a RSA certificate, servers need to apply everything learned to ensure they aren’t harming the drinker and the community.


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