Date PostedMarch 31, 2013

Alcohol News Update: How not to react to an Unruly Customer

As a worker in a licenced venue, there is a certain amount of tact and skill required to keep customers, co-workers and yourself safe, especially since alcohol has been linked to violence in entertainment districts across Oz.

The responsible service of alcohol training will teach workers of licenced venues how to serve and sell alcohol in a manner that is responsible and does not present a risk to the customer or the community.

Part of responsible service of alcohol involves knowing how to respond when customers are unduly intoxicated and often causing a scene.

Unduly intoxicated patrons can negatively affect both the atmosphere of the venue and affect the enjoyment of the experience for other patrons include those who are unduly intoxicated or disorderly. RSA staff must ensure that intoxicated and disorderly patrons are not served alcohol.

According to the law it is an offence to sell, supply or allow liquor to be supplied to a person who is either unduly intoxicated or disorderly. This will involve calmly telling them that you can no longer serve them alcohol and ensure that other patrons do not buy the alcohol on the intoxicated patron’s behalf.

Remember serving an intoxicated patron could result in hefty fines for you, your employer and the venue. Even if patrons are upset and cause a scene, you still have to abide by the law and refuse them alcohol if they are visibly intoxicated.  Never reciprocate with an equally aggressive attitude as this will further compound the situation and never resort to violence. Remember to remain calm and professional at all times.

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