Date PostedAugust 21, 2018

Alcohol and Dementia- what you need to know


According to the latest research there a few things to consider when drinking because of its effects on your health. How much you drink is an important factor to consider keeping in mind that moderate alcohol consumption can actually lower heart disease in some people. Research has also found it to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and gallstones. On the other hand research has found that excessive drinking can cause several types of cancers and take its toll on the liver and other organs.

There are also studies that show moderate alcohol consumption can be good for the brain.

There can be exceptions though. Research by Severine Sabia, a researcher at Inserm, and her colleagues analyzed data from a large UK database to track alcohol consumption from middle age and its effect on dementia later in life.They found that those who drank more than around 14 glasses of wine a week — showed higher risk of dementia than those who drank one to 14 glasses of wine a week.

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