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Discover Your Own Signature Cocktail



Whether you’re hosting a party or trying to find something to make your bar/restaurant stand out, a signature drink can give your party/business the edge.

Here are some steps to discovering your own signature cocktail.

Taste is key

The most important aspect of choosing a signature cocktail is the taste. The alcohol should have some link to you or your venue. For example if your customers prefer drinking a certain type of alcohol, this should probably be an ingredient in your cocktail.

Whats the Occasion?

You also need to ask yourself, whats the occasion? You need to determine who will be drinking the cocktail and what kind of mood you want to set.

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For example, if you don’t have a lot of experienced drinkers attending, then you might want to stay away from really strong drinks that don’t have a lot of mix. If you want everyone to be tanked an hour or two in, well then, that’s different. Chances are that you will also be serving other booze at the event, so, it’s better to err on the side of caution and serve something everyone enjoys drinking down. If the hardcore partiers want something with more of a kick, they can always head to the bar.


If you’re having a summer party, then your’e going to want a more refreshing drink whereas a winter drink will need to warm your guests up.

Whether your event is outdoors or indoors is another factor to consider. Outdoor drinks tend to be more tropical and fruity such as Mai Tais or Blue Hawaiians.

If there’s a theme to the event, then that will definitely influence your choice of ingredients as well.

Make it a Reflection of You/ Your Venue

If you’re holding a party and you’ve been known to down a certain drink over the years, then this should influence your choice of signature cocktail ingredients.

If your venue is popular for a certain drink this should definitely feature in the signature cocktail. For example your town may be known for a certain fruit, such as strawberries, why not make this a key ingredient in your venue’s signature cocktail?

How do You Want it to Look?

When it comes to cocktails much like with food, we drink with our eyes first. Whether or not we enjoy the cocktail has a lot to do with how it looks (and first impressions are key) as well as how it smells. That’s why the best cocktails take into consideration all the senses. Garnishes often play a dual purpose, serving both as aesthetics and adding to the taste and smell of the drink, so choose these wisely.

Also think of how you want to serve it? Presentation is important but it shouldn’t be so elaborate that its a hassle to make.

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