Date PostedNovember 13, 2017

Delicious Summer Beer Cocktails


Judging by the temperatures, summer is well and truly almost upon us, and to help us get in the mood for Summer and the festive season, here are some beer cocktails to help you spice up that simple Shandy.

The Pineapple Pisco Pale

Nothing says summer quite like a beer and pineapple juice on their own, so imagine how good they are together.

You’ll need,

  • 40mL Pisco
  • 30mL pineapple juice
  • 60mL IPA of choice
  • A strip of lemon zest

Add pisco and juice to a shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a glass and pour in beer. Gently stir to mix. Express the oils from the peel of a lemon before setting it in the glass.

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