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Try These Gin Cocktails to Ignite Your Love for the Spirit

Here are 9 gin cocktails with at lease one sure to please even the fussy cocktail drinker. The good thing about these cocktails is that they celebrate the underrated spirit of gin and they can be made in a batch

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An Amazing Game of Thrones Inspired Cocktail

If you’re into learning some advanced bartending techniques here’s a cool video of how to make a literal fireball in your cocktail glass. This Game of Thrones “Wildfire” cocktail is sure to get you in the mood for the latest

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Take Vodka to The Next Level with These Cocktails

One reason many people avoid cocktails at home is because they take a little time and effort. But these 5 cocktail recipes made with vodka are so quick and easy, you probably have all the ingredients already and they taste

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Can A Beer Expert Tell the Difference Between Cheap Versus Expensive Beer

If a beer expert can’t tell the difference between a cheap beer and an expensive one then it’s probably not worth the price difference. In this video a beer expert does just that, can he guess just from tasting which

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Is Expensive Wine Really That Much Better

Are you one of those people that doesn’t mind shelling out the extra cash for a good bottle of wine or are you one to opt for the more affordable bottle who thinks spending an arm and a leg on

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What to Stock in Your Home Bar

Making great cocktails starts with having all the right ‘tools’ and ‘materials’ for the job. But with all the variety out there, deciding on what to buy to start with can be daunting. Here’s a good video to give you

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Learn to Make A Cocktail

Here’s a cocktail that will go great with your Easter brunch, whether you’re doing a roast or a barbeque. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to make,

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Is The $208 Cocktail Really Worth It

Would you spend $208 on a cocktail? In the video below a couple of guys try out the outrageously priced cocktail and test it against a modest $6 cocktail to see if there really is any reason to splash out

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Watch Irish Drinks Try Halloween Inspired Cocktails for the First Time

The Irish really know their alcohol, after all they’ve given us such treasured drinks as Guinness and Baileys so let’s watch some Irish drinkers try Halloween cocktails for the first time.

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Ten Cocktails in Ten Minutes to Make at Home

Here are 10 easy and delicious cocktails to make when you’re crunched for time. These tasty cocktails are perfect to try at your next dinner party because they are so quick to make and there’s a taste to suit everyone.

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