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Sugar-free, Low Calorie, Delicious Cocktail That Won’t Cause a Hangover

With Summer and the holidays around the corner, you may want to start getting in the party mood but also don’t want to compromise your summer body diet? Here’s an awesome sugar-free low calorie cocktail for those tequila lovers and

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How to Get Your Beer to the best temperature for consumption

If you ever wondered what was the quickest way to cool your warm six-pack, you better watch this video. Hint: If you have a bucket of ice and some salt, don’t worry you’ll soon be enjoying a nice cold beer.

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Is Drinking After Exercise a Good Idea?

You’ve probably noticed sports stars popping a beer after an event but is drinking beer a good idea after exercising. Because you’re dehydrated after exercising, water is the best choice to hydrate you but what about beer? Watch the video

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What Happens when You Drink Your Way Through The United States

America has 50 states and each one has it’s own iconic drink, some more weird than others. If you’re planning to visit one or more of these states and are wondering what the most iconic drink of each is, then

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Having a Drink with Your Pets

If your furry friend is your best mate, you may want to enjoy a drink with him or her every now then and now you can with a new wine made for cats and dogs. Judging by the video the

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Cocktails Inspired by Danger 5

Here are 3 unusual cocktails inspired by the Australian comedy Danger 5 which is a 1960’s interpretation of WWII where 5 international spies target Hitler and his Nazi cohorts, sounds strange? Wait until you try the cocktails from the show.

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The Perfect Make-in-Bulk Drink for Your Next Party

The perfect make in bulk cocktail for your next party involves a giant watermelon and booze. Watch the video to learn to make this fun and delicious cocktail that’s sure to get you more than a few likes on Instagram.

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Perfect Spring Cocktail

Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to improve and in Australia that means more time outdoors. If you’re planning to celebrate Spring with a Barbeque as most Australians will, here is the perfect liquid accompaniment – Honey

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What Happens When You Drink Alcohol

To gain a better understanding of what happens when you drink alcohol, here are 4 really helpful and informative videos that explain what is alcohol and how it makes you intoxicated, what happens when you take your first sip, how

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How To Make A Gin Fizz

Gin has made a major comeback recently and gin cocktails are now featured in the poshest bars. This delicious Gin Fizz cocktail is simple and can be made at home. Just one thing, it shouldn’t be consumed neat – so

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