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How to Drink Responsibly in Front of Your Kids

A challenge that parents often have to deal with, is the impact their behaviour has on their offspring, for example the message their drinking is sending to their kids. Are you creating a life-time binge drinker by drinking in front

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Planning to Drink – This is How to Protect Your Skin

The next time you’re out on the weekend enjoying your favourite bar or pub with friends, take time to consider your skin and the effects that alcohol will have on it. Here are some of the ways you can protect

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These Suburbs Love Champagne- According to Cellarmasters

According to data from wine retailer Cellarmasters, people from Sydney’s affluent Mosman suburb are the biggest lovers of champagne. Residents of this shore suburb have bought more champagne than any other postcode in Australia over the past year and this

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Get Ready for Gin Month

November is Gin month at bars and clubs and even if you’ve never been a fan, gin has been growing in popularity in recent years. Gin month also happens to coincide with the launch of the world’s first cannabis gin,

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Sommeliers Ingenious Wine Glass Invention

Sommerlier and wine educator Jessica Bell has developed plastic wine glasses that actually enhance the taste of wine rather than spoil it, like other cheap plastic glasses do. The idea came to her after visiting a venue that didn’t allow

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Pregnancy Drinking Warning Labels on Bottles Made Compulsory

After 7 years of lobbying by health ministers, soon every bottle of alcohol in Australia will carry a pregnancy warning label. In 2011 alcohol companies were given a 7 year window to implement the labels and currently 75 per cent

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Methanol Tainted Alcohol Causes Blindness in Kuala Lumpur

A man has gone blind after drinking alcohol containing methanol in Kuala Lumpur. The deadly alcohol has claimed the lives of over 40 people. The 32 year old man, Radha Krishnani said he had bought the drink from a shop

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Tips to Help You Drink Responsibly

If your drinking has gotten out of hand or you’re just trying to cut down, you may want to consider these tips to help you drink moderately and responsibly. 1. Understand why you should drink less Whether you’re concerned about

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Worried About Your Moderate Alcohol Consumption? Read this!

Although we’ve been told for years that drinking moderately is good for your health, a recent study in the Lancet claims there is actually no safe level of drinking. For the study, the team analysed data from 694 studies and

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Three Million Killed due to Harmful Alcohol Use

Three million people worldwide are killed annually due to harmful alcohol use, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). The report says the number of people who died due to harmful alcohol use in 2016, represented 1

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